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Design and DTP

Desktop Publishing

Whether your markets are in Western or Eastern Europe, Asia, or some place in between, you can reach them in more than 50 languages using Idea’s multilingual DTP service. Our catalog of software is just as wide-ranging and our DTP operators are as fluent in FrameMaker, InDesign, QuarkXPress, PageMaker, and many other applications as our translators are in their native tongues. Meticulous editing, mindful of grammatical and mechanical rules in the target languages, combined with comprehensive checks throughout production by skilled proofreaders and editors, helps prevent language-related errors in the final stages. These QA measures also enhance the quality of the finished documents.  

Graphic Design

Our roots may be in translation, but at Idea we focus much of our energy on design as well. Whether your project takes the form of a catalog, poster, or product package, we will take your raw ideas and transform them into polished, up-to-date designs that take into account linguistic resonance and cultural context.  

Technical Illustration

Technical illustrations play an invaluable role in documentation. We are also pleased to provide this service. At Idea, technical illustrations are produced by certified illustrators who can quickly turn your photos, drawings, and other media into clear and accurate technical illustrations.  
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