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Design and DTP

User Manuals

We produce a wide range of manuals, for consumer electronics and appliances as well as industrial equipment—from AV devices to printing presses. The superior finished documents are a result of our policy of assigning projects to staff members who have expertise in a particular product and are well versed in the technical content. These staff members coordinate the projects, making sure the translations are accurate, expertly edited, and professionally designed for DTP. Another hallmark of Idea quality is efficient multilingual development, aided by translation tools which support the whole process.  


We strive to be well informed about the products in the catalogs we produce. This requires an understanding of the target applications as well as the technology at work in the products. Catalog production at Idea is based on this understanding and on a thorough grasp of the production process, which takes the source documents from the translation stage through the design and DTP stages and on to the final product.  

Corporate Brochures and Annual Reports

Corporate brochures and annual reports are a company's public face, meaning that an extremely high level of precision is required in translation and design. Such IR and PR products demand accurate terminology, a polished writing style, and captivating graphic design. At Idea, we entrust translation of these key publications to veteran specialists from a variety of business backgrounds, choosing the best match for your needs from among more than 300 qualified translators.  

Online Help

Online help is indispensable for both packaged and online software. Idea provides translation of UI terminology and software resources, as well as multilingual translation and production of online help.  

Web sites

Companies are more and more often using Web sites as a vital tool in corporate strategy. They are an invaluable business resource for corporate communication in real time and on national and international levels. Through close consultation with our clients, Idea provides effective Web development based on a solid understanding of the targeted users. We aim for effective design, taking all aspects of use and administration into account to develop well-balanced Web sites.  


Idea provides a range of audio production services. Whether you need a recorded script for a speech or presentation, or video narration, we can support your needs. Our services run the gamut from translation and script editing to professional recording and editing at our on-site studio, with integrated management of all services.  
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